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Google Adwords(PPC)

Google Adwords(PPC)

Web Dizital

WebDizital.com, a Digital Marketing Company provide a Special Google Adwords Management Services or PPC Management Services, offering flat fees for any financial plan, and delivering industry leading support.

With the help of our Google adword Services, reach your potential customers when they search for your business on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc...
Advertise locally and attract your precious customers with the products that they're searching for. Get your (PPC-ad) pay-per-click ad on Google and other Search Engine today with our best AdWords Services

Our Adword Services includes:

  • To Maximize traffic for your budget.
  • To Minimize your Cost-Per-Click.
  • To Capture more relevant Traffic.
  • To Convert more visitor into Sales.
  • To Dominate your Competition

Google Adwords Monitoring Service

It is essential to monitor your Google Adwords campaign. You can do this yourself, but it does take time that you may wish to devote to other aspects of your business.

Alternatively you could get a Google Adwords professional specialist at Webdizital.com to do the monitoring on your behalf. This service includes:

  • Daily review of your campaigns for alerts
  • Monitoring of Google policy changes
  • Monitoring for potential display ads problems
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Performance reports
  • Recommended actions report for your campaign
  • Email updates

BONUS VALUE - Upgrade to Google Adwords Complete Managed Service up to twice a year as required.
Webdizital.com have always found it difficult to leave a client's campaign broken so you get the full managed service, below, when you need it.
Google Adwords Complete Managed Service
Hand over the entire, continuous management of your Google AdWords 
campaign to one of our Google AdWords Professionals.

The managed service includes

  • Adwords Campaign set up
  • Keyword research and grouping
  • AdWord design and setup
  • Management of optimum display positions
  • Management of optimum display times
  • Delivery of visitors to specific product pages
  • Daily monitoring of campaign performance
  • Tracking of conversions at the individual keyword level
    (where conversion tracking is enabled).
  • Ongoing campaign budget management
  • Ongoing keyword bid optimisation
  • Performance Reports
  • Ongoing corrective action for any Ad issues
  • Regular Email updates
  • Helpful phone & email support (office hours)

Why Choose Webdizital.com As Your PPC and Google AdWords Management Agency?

We take care of every crucial step in the Adwords process. Before we even set up your Adwords account, our team analyses keywords for your business, and then advises you on the ones that will get you the most return for your advertising budget.
Once that is complete, we then set about composing a different advert for each keyword. This will help in maximizing the click-through rate, or CTR on each, giving every ad the punch it requires in order to attract potential customers.
After the adverts are completed, we then look at each campaign to see where their effectiveness can be optimized even further. This involves ongoing campaign testing, as well as keyword testing and keyword costs. However, rest assured; you will never be out of the loop as we inform all customers should any new costs for their campaigns be a possibility.
There is no reason to waste money on your PPC campaigns when you enlist the services of JDR. Our services can also save you time; because we are advertising specialists, there is no guesswork involved with what keywords and adverts will work best. That means that you can use your free time for another aspect of your business, or simply take a well-deserved break from it all.