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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This User Agreement is effective as of the “Effective Date” of the "Digital Marketing Service Proposal and Agreement" accepted and executed by WebDizital.com and you ("Customer") as specified in the "Digital Marketing Service Proposal and Agreement".

1. Definitions

    1. “Confidential Information” means, in respect of a party, all data and information of a confidential nature, including know-how and trade secrets, relating to the business, the affairs and any development projects or other products or services of such party. Confidential Information may be communicated orally, visually, in writing or in any other recorded or tangible form. Data and information shall be considered to be Confidential Information if (a) the relevant party has marked them as such, (b) the relevant party, orally or in writing, has advised the other party of their confidential nature, or (c) due to their character or nature, a reasonable person in a like position and under like circumstances would treat them as secret and confidential;
    2. “Parties” means the named parties to this Service Agreement or proposal and their respective successors and assigns, and “Party” refers to any one of them, as the context requires;
    3.  “Costs” means all costs and indirect costs incurred by Provider in the performance of the Services under this Agreement;
    4. Legal Agreement:
      This agreement shall be a legal agreement between Client and WebDizital.com. The agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between Client and WebDizital.com in relation to the Services and it shall not include any terms and conditions of Client (including on any purchase order or other document submitted by Client) unless agreed to in writing by Web Dizital.
    5. Term of Agreement:
      This agreement commences on the start date specified in the proposal and is for an indefinite term unless a finish date is specified in the proposal or the agreement is ended earlier in the matter permitted by this agreement.

1.6 Google Adwords Termination
In the event of a cancellation of the Google Adwords Management service with WebDizital.com, we agree to provide the client with ‘read only’ access for the account and a full account export if requested. We reserve the right to retain our intellectual property in the account design and optimisation techniques through change history.
1.7 GST:
All fees referred to in this agreement do not include goods and services tax (GST) unless expressly stated in the DMP. In this agreement “GST, “supply”, “taxable supply” and “tax invoice” have the same meaning as in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999.